Saturday, 10 August 2013

National Moth Night 9.Aug.2013...

15Hepialus sylvinaOrange Swift1
424Yponomeuta evonymellaBird-cherry Ermine8
460Ypsolopha parenthesella2
701Agonopterix ocellana1
1348Parapoynx stratiotataRinged China-mark1
1388Udea lutealis3
1390Udea prunalis2
1405Pleuroptya ruralisMother of Pearl17
1546Gonepteryx rhamniBrimstone2
1702Idaea biselataSmall Fan-footed Wave12
1713Idaea aversataRiband Wave8
1715Idaea straminataPlain Wave3
1725Xanthorhoe ferrugataDark-barred Twin-spot Carpet6
1732Scotopteryx chenopodiataShaded Broad-bar4
1738Epirrhoe alternataCommon Carpet2
1756Eulithis populataNorthern Spinach1
1758Eulithis pyraliataBarred Straw1
1759Ecliptopera silaceataSmall Phoenix4
1777Hydriomena furcataJuly Highflyer10
1809Perizoma didymataTwin-spot Carpet2
1811Eupithecia tenuiataSlender Pug6
1858Chloroclystis v-ataV-Pug2
1862Gymnoscelis rufifasciataDouble-striped Pug1
1887Lomaspilis marginataClouded Border22
1913Ennomos alniariaCanary-shouldered Thorn1
1917Selenia dentariaEarly Thorn3
1937Peribatodes rhomboidariaWillow Beauty2
1955Cabera pusariaCommon White Wave5
1956Cabera exanthemataCommon Wave4
1997Furcula furculaSallow Kitten1
2000Notodonta dromedariusIron Prominent2
2003Notodonta ziczacPebble Prominent1
2049Eilema depressaBuff Footman5
2050Eilema lurideolaCommon Footman1
2107Noctua pronubaLarge Yellow Underwing15
2109Noctua comesLesser Yellow Underwing2
2111Noctua jantheLesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing5
2112Noctua interjectaLeast Yellow Underwing1
2122Diarsia brunneaPurple Clay2
2123Diarsia rubiSmall Square-spot2
2130Xestia bajaDotted Clay4
2134Xestia xanthographaSquare-spot Rustic2
2176Cerapteryx graminisAntler Moth3
2197Mythimna stramineaSouthern Wainscot6
2198Mythimna impuraSmoky Wainscot1
2300Mormo mauraOld Lady1
2313Enargia paleaceaAngle-striped Sallow2
2318Cosmia trapezinaDun-bar20
2321Apamea monoglyphaDark Arches7
2343xMesapamea secalis agg.Common Rustic agg.4
2381xHoplodrina alsines/blandaUncertain/Rustic ag.2
2391Chilodes maritimusSilky Wainscot28
2441Autographa gammaSilver Y5
2477Hypena proboscidalisSnout8


Bruce said...

Blimey Andy, that looks like a good tally, 50+ species!

Is there anything that's new or unexpected?

A fantastic night. I am sorry I couldn't make it.

Colin D said...

Andy Brian & Cheryl

Thank you all very much ( on behalf of) the Happy Snappers for your time and expertise and for a very well run and informative evening . If we have another event I am sure we can orchestrate some food Pie & peas . petrol , canopy etc. All finds now will assist the growing list for the LNR

AndyC said...

Great Night,,,loved the I - Pad many thanks for that,,,its great when the weather is perfect so everyone can see just how many species are out there...Plenty opportunity for photo's minute it was 21.00 the next time I looked it was 2.00,,,what was the small bug sp..??

AndyC said...

Buff footman was the only new species for the site..but Southern and Silky wainscot are not found anywhere else in Calderdale,Angle striped sallow ,Sallow Kitten and Canary shouldered Thorn are real crowd pleasers..........Thanks to all who turned up..Also ran the actincs in the reed bed which was very interesting..

Colin D said...

The small bug Andy TBC I think is Phytocoris varipes - A (or poss P.ulmi) Common but has just appeared also at other locations Widespread and often common in rough grassland where it feeds on the flowers and fruits of a range of plants, although absent from the far north of Britain.

AndyC said...

Colin could you put a pic up or email me the bug at
Great pics......Cheers

Colin D said...

Hi Andy - Certainly no Problem Phytocoris varipes and I think Phytocoris ulmi ( Query TBC ) are on the reserve Just running through the card and will post various to you shortly. What is the last Moth I found it on the sheet whilst you where moon lighting :-) in the reeds for the Actinics ???

gwh said...

Thanks again Andy for a great night if you could send a list of what was found in the atinics and where, we would appriciate it as it will give us an idea where to start cutting the reed, a good list also in total . yours Graham