Sunday 4 August 2013

Lagoon Life!

A few other things I've seen around me whilst waiting for something else on the Lagoon!

Had a Couple of Grey Wagtail Juveniles check me out!
 Absolutely crawling with these things!

 A Fly?
 24 spot Ladybird? - A bit shiny

Cinnabar Caterpillars in good numbers this year
 Loads of these flying around today
 Another Fly

Gardeners Favourite!
 Caught a couple of Brown Hawkers Laying
 A lonesome Common Spotted bloomed
I also spotted a white Ladybird with black spots - very quick, never stayed still - May have been a Water Ladybird?
There's a Kingfisher treat for Members on the member's blog!

1 comment:

Colin D said...

Hello Barry Nice set of Lagoon Wonders. The Ladybird is the Harlequin Harmonia axyridis and the things are its pupal stage, it is an invasive Ladybird in the UK and is spreading rqapidly