Friday, 10 May 2013

Always Look Twice!

On Monday I spent a short while at the station STILL enjoying Redpolls? & had a nice slow walk around, just on my walk I estimate a minimum of 6 Blackcap pairs. There are quite a few singing Whitethroat males, Willow Warblers & Chiffchaffs. 3 different Sedge Warblers were on the Canal side of the lagoon & Reed Warblers were squabbling with Blackcaps near the new bridge, which makes a nice seat by the way. Loads of Bullfinch calling everywhere & on my way back at the side of the path above the feeders whilst chatting to a fellow birder we had a Wood Warbler in the trees. Oh if we could just get a "Gropper"!

After visiting the Dotterel on Cartworth Moor on Sunday - I stopped in for a little while at the car park, after rubbing my eyes I realised I was looking at something I think most people miss, & the reason I see the Tawny Owl in the car park at night!

Just that little bit nearer & a different angle makes all the difference:

I have a new challenge now - these are proper tricky to snap - due to lighting & fast movement.
How many of you guys have spotted these Long Tailed Field Mice, under the feeders running round the Dunnock's & Bullfinch?
Remember -

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