Saturday, 20 April 2013

signs of spring at the reserve

                                           Blue tit making use of the nest box
                                                 trees looking more spring like

                                             Not too sure about the two birds, warblers not my strong point, would
                                             appreciate ID's, thanks


gwh said...

look like willow warbler , nice pic's .gwh

Bruce said...

Butterflies are becoming active now as well. Plenty Peacock, Tortoiseshell and 1 Orange tip.

Unknown said...

I was hoping to see some yesterday but didn't, will have to get back down there soon for another look. Did notice a few bees about.

gwh said...

Lots of bee's and buterflies mainly peacocks and small toitoies shells

B.Nield said...

Yes - Especially if that was Saturday! Willow Warbler. There were 100's moving through in the morning, never seen so many, Chiff Chaffs were quiet until late Afternoon, Robins were well outdone & most unimpressed by the invasion. A lot did peel off & stick around with 15-20 clearly still in earshot of the feeding station. Should be a good year for these little blighters!