Monday 18 February 2013

Sunny Saturday!

It was a very nice day on Saturday - Lots of birds were doing their spring singing!

Siskin numbers were up at the feeders:

A few female Redpolls were about - No males at the feeders today?
These little things were about all day:

I also noticed a Lesser Redpoll female with ring:
Does anybody know how to read one of these?

& a visit to Cromwell will always have some of these:


David Sutcliffe said...

I guess its a BTO ring - looks like the wording suggests 'British Museum London' which I think is where they are asked to report to. Possibly ends ...46 - not a lot to go on and not sure its a 4.
With rings this small it's unlikely even with digi shots to get the complete number. A 'bird in the hand' comes to mind.
My suggestion would be to email the BTO direct and see if they can throw any light on it!
Nice one.

David Sutcliffe said...

The BTO web site gives a form to fill in if you go to 'ringing scheme' OR Email direct with photo to -

B.Nield said...

Thanks guys - I have sent the picture to the address supplied - lets see what comes of it!
In the meantime, I'll keep a close eye out for this bird & see if I can get a shot of another part.
Or any other Photographers at the feeders could try the same, Maybe we can JIGSAW the info together?

B.Nield said...

Well they have replied already - So that was a good Email address to use. They say that this type of ring would have one letter followed by six numbers - From the photo I think that the Letter & five numbers are round the back!
At least I know what they require to give us information now!
So We have to either be patient & get the rest, or chase it round Cromwell with a landing net! lol.