Thursday, 31 January 2013

No Publicly Owned Forest Sell Off

Linda has just sent me this.

Dear Bruce,

I thought you might be interested to know, as someone who contacted me about this issue two years ago, that the Government has today announced it will not be selling off publicly owned forests in the UK. I am delighted at this news which is a victory for the campaign that was launched to stop the Government plans to sell of our forests.

I have attached the news link, which sets out more information. I hope that is helpful.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you require any further information.

Yours sincerely,                        Link to story here.

Linda Riordan

Member of Parliament for Halifax

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Colin D said...

I sm delighted that you have taken the trouble to update this group and FEET (Freshwater Environment Ecology Trust also have noted your interest

Perhaps Linda you might participate in assisting the People of Halifax regarding the introduction of Car Parking Charges at Shibden Hall a Poprerty given to the exercise and well being of the same in express terms under the West Yorks Act

As such Council Officers failed to consult all Ward Constituents and more importantly Ward members . I consider this a serious breach of Constitution wiith only 3 members being advised

Shibden Park attracted in the order of 6 million pounds of Heritage Money to make it accessible to the people of Halifax

I also note that we as a group where denied unfettered access as a group dealing with disabled children which may have needed shelter on such visits to the so called Visitor and interpretation centre which in point of fact is commercially leased for 289 days a year

I would also like to understand the responsible party who doubles charging during term time when most parents and children need access to it

I also note some of the information on ROW was not wholly informative regarding the purpose of the buidling of the CAfe / Interp Centre

I trust you might be able to identify some of the issues here together with ALL PARTIES and members and reprimand Council Officers who appear to be acting beyond their duty

Shibden park is a vital part of our heritage and should as the intended Will and Gift in Truct made by the Listers serve the Poor People of Halifax

the Car park provision was also made to allay traffic issues on the surrounding roads in order to make them safer the current situation is contributing to traffic parking outside the estate

I note one ward councillors failure to raise and pick up these concerns it may well be that he finds a candidate standing in his place in this rather quiet ward that will do his job

I note also that CMBC also had a meeting where they claimed to have a number of independent officers present - this was not the case one was the ROW Officer another a Highways Officer and so forth

I look forward to hearing from you