Sunday, 16 December 2012

Few From Today!

It was another of those quiet days - Redpolls were out & about rather than hitting the feeders, but Bullfinches were much in abundance everywhere & all the other usual suspects. Kingfisher was seen up on the canal, Green Pecker at the back of the stations Pylon & for the first time ever I visited & saw no Sprawk's.

 Sometimes it pays to look at the common as muck species that little bit closer:

Here's a "normal" Standard Blue Tit:
Then there was this poor little Fella:

 I've seen this abnormality in Tits a few times now - In all cases the birds look pretty healthy & appear to be able to feed OK! This one might even have an advantage getting peanuts out of the mesh feeders?

One of the few Redpolls around:
& of course - there has to be piccies of these:

Interesting how much difference in colour there was to the chest of the Male dependant upon it's orientation to the sun!

Nothing to do with Cromwell, but in the afternoon I shot off to Beck Lane allotments in Bingley & there was absolutely loads of the Birdies below:

Late afternoon is not the best if you visit them chomping on the Apples there - the sun is in your face & you wont get good views - but nice silhouette shots!
60+ all over the place & the apples should last another week if your interested?
But I'd recommend a 9.00 to 10.00 am visit for best light oppertunities.
Oh - Don't forget all - We have a meeting, in the Halifax Fire station on Tues Usually around 7.15 to 7.30pm & I think all would be welcome - Especially our new members.
 From what I gather the Business part will be short n' sweet & then we can spend plenty of time munching biccies & Pies & having a good chat about Cromwell etc.
I think we would appreciate & welcome any new faces, If you can make it down, see you there.


Steve Blacksmith said...

For those new to birdwatching, the silhouette shots are of Waxwings.
A great attraction in winter.

There used to be just occasional winters when we would get an irruption from Scandinavia, but nowadays they seem to be a regular winter visitors.

B.Nield said...

They were deliberately left unamed to add a little mystery to the effect of the Silhouette, especially as the shape is so easily recognisable for what they are.
Was supposed to add A little bit of fun having to think what they are, but alas, thats all out the window now!

Tracy said...

I went to visit them yesterday at lunchtime and it was dull but I had a drink in the cafe and the sun came out.

The birds were flying above my head and some landed on the trees just above me so I got some half decent shots.

B.Nield said...

Hello Tracy - If you have some half decent shots - Please post a couple for us - Although not in Cromwell as Waxies they are relatively local & always worth a look!