Sunday 18 November 2012

Down today!

After 2 mornings searching for "Waxwings" the afternoons were nice comforted by L.R's with occasional Siskin to cheer me up!
All the usual suspects - Female Bullfinches at 4 & quite a few of our resident "Tefal" heads were present:

+ our regular Male Woodie!
Little blighter's that cheered me up:

At the end of the day - I decided to go double check the Sainsbury's claimed Waxwings! Allan went for a last minute stroll round ............................ He should have come with me?
Taaa Daaaaa!
Apparantly they were telling the truth !!!  ......... 10 were present. It was a bit late, they had gone up high for a preen & poo! before going off to roost. A record shot of nine of them - Just to prove I have actually seen some?

You never know! - they are close enough to visit Cromwell sometime.

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Andy Kiz said...

Nice one, they are still there this morning very obliging too. Great to see them so close after having spent 2hrs in leeds the other day with no luck! Unfortunately this idiot left his binoculars & camera at home, hurrah for emergency bins in the boot!