Saturday, 6 October 2012

Work Party October 6th 2012

The work party today consisted of Graham, Allan, Mike and me. As usual we were blessed with fantastic weather.

The horizontal feeder was finally secured.

Allan and Mike hold it firm whilst holes are drilled.

Holes were drilled for seeds and fat balls for the woodpeckers, siskin and whatever else calls in.

Allan has piece of wood for another seat. Graham digs out the bank to fit the seat.

More digging.

Allan moves some branches into place. This will help keep the dogs out.

Two ladies enjoy the birds at close quarters.

Mike cuts some overhanging branches. This will allow more light into the site.

And what did I do?
Well, someone had to take the pictures!

If you want to join us and enjoy the crack, then do so next Saturday the 13th of October at 9:30

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emilycorner said...

You've done so much since I was last there, can't wait to come down and see it all first hand!