Sunday 14 October 2012

Work Party October 13th 2012

There were ten of us all told but missed several somewhere on the reserve. The Work Party collected a rather heavy information board. This was located close to the first kissing gate over the first footbridge. Present were - Robin, Graham, Allan, Dave, Geoff, Colin, and myself, with apologies for omissions or errors.

The sign arrives

Marking out the holes

The holes are dug 18" deep

The legs are drilled to take extensions

Dave joins the legs 

The legs are a bit too long. We would need to be 7 foot tall to read anything!

A slight adjustment is needed 

We are happy with the height now.


B.Nield said...

We the missing ones on site somewhere, were installing the Camo netting to the screen. From the looks of it, there were plenty watching Graham tap the sign in with his stick anyway!!!

Bruce said...

Hi Barry
Not personal by any means Barry. It is good we had enough volunteers to spread around. We just missed your company.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Still a bit high for people in wheelchairs or otherwise vertically challenged ? :-)