Thursday, 12 July 2012

The 3 B's - Buzzard, Butterfly & Blackcap!

Called in yesterday lunchtime for an hour and noticed the new signs, good job guys! Walked along the river to the reserve, the river is still pretty high reaching a level of nearly 1m. It was a very pleasant day, blue skies and around 15c.

As I crossed the river I could hear 3 blackcaps singing away but could I find them... no! The tree cover is so dense now its getting really difficult to find them, something i've found at a few sites recently. A wren was also heard. I walked up to the wier hoping for a gropper in the scrub but no luck.

I began heading back towards the bridge when I heard the 'mewing' call of a buzzard. Sure enough one was hanging in the air above the trees at the top of the valley on the opposite side of tag cut. I watched as it soared with both legs draped below in the prey capture position which looked really odd, since there was no prey around! I reached for the camera but 2 carrion crows soon mobbed it and it flew off over the other side of the reserve North East towards Cromwell Wood. This is the first buzzard i've seen at CB along with other birds of prey seen Kestrel & Sparrowhawk, now for a Red Kite please!

I walked over the hill (yellow brick road) in the hope of re-finding the buzzard but it was long gone. Along my climb I came across numerous ringlet butterflies.

Descending the hill I saw what looked like a moth with a short fat black body with red wings, any ideas?
The feeding area was completely flooded and thus was devoid of birds. I noticed the memorial stone and paused for a break! Well done to all those that got the stone sorted and the bases built, you've done a fantastic job and im sure Colin would be proud.

I headed back through the trees to the left side of the feeders and looped back around to the bridge, again there was little about but I had some luck on returning to the bridge, a male blackcap flew from cover and I was afforded fantastic views, just before it dashed for cover as I brought my hand to my camera!


Bruce said...

Nice post Andy. We were down there yesterday and heard Blackcap chiffchaff and reed bunting. No raptors though. Plenty ringlets and burnet moths.

gwh said...

Hi Andy the red and black moths are 6 spot burnett Moths ut keep your eye open because the cinabar moth has simmalar colouring. yours graham

Andy Kiz said...

Thanks both. Bruce did I pass you at the car park?! I was in a world of my own I think!

Bruce said...

Yes I think you did. I wasn't sure so I kept quiet.
Silly me (and you)

Andy Kiz said...

hehe I thought it was, its been a while since we last met so I guess we'll forgive each other!