Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sat Night mothing at North Loop

Yellow Horned above and Oak Beauty below

A realy excellent start to the year with yellow Horned and Oak Beauty being the highlights.Clear skies and a cold wind can only mean its going an excellent spot later on in the year,Thanks to Bruce/CB for the key and brian, Martyn and damian for coming along.
Yellow Horned x 6
Oak beauty x 1
Common quaker x 32
Small quaker x 1
Twin spotted quaker x 5
satellite x 4
Hebrew character x 1
Agonopterix heracliana x2
Acleris Ferr/ notoa x 1
Caloptillia species to be identified x 1


Bruce said...

Pleased it was a successful night Andy. I hope to come along sometime.

Unused said...

This is something I'd love to do. I've some decent Nikon macro gear which I'd happily share in return for some knowledge transfer as I'd have no clue what I'd be looking at. My macro technique is fine but I don't know much beyond a red admiral, comma or cabbage white! Let me know if you're about again as live really local to CBNR.