Sunday, 25 March 2012

Peanut Feeders

Hi all can you keep an eye out , i went down to top up the feeders on Friday and found some thieving '#/;+-* has pinched the peanut feeders, i have replaced them with some cheap ones , whats wrong with people they don't cost a fortune but give great deal of pleasure . GWH


Steve Cummings said...

I had a peanut feeder hung quite high up in a Leylandii and watched a fox sniffing the air underneath it. It stood up on its bag legs a couple of times to investigate but the feeder was well out of reach. Then it took a flying leap at it and snatched it from the tree. Not content with getting hold of its prize, it ran off with the complete feeder and disappeared into neighbouring gardens. The smell of peanuts is irresistible to foxes and badgers, so you might find your feeders hidden in the undergrowth somewhere. On the other hand, your first assumption might be right.

gwh said...

Could be Steve thanks for the reply GWH

Andy Kiz said...

Lets hope its a (rather agile) fox then, for the sake of humanity!