Saturday, 3 March 2012

CB Work Party 2nd March

One of Eric's boxes
A multiple hole box

The work party erected and recorded a total of 18 nest boxes of various forms.

Many thanks to Mike, Chris, Allan, Graham and Bruce for helping, mainly to Graham for erecting some of them earlier in the week as well as today.

Special thanks go to Eric who made the majority of the boxes.
The new feeder made by Eric


Unused said...

Fantastic work guys - I'm hoping to be at home next time around so let me know how/when I could get involved.

Bruce said...

Hi Chris
Thanks for your comment.
The next working party is Saturday, March 10th at 9:30am
We have some more boxes and almost a thousand young trees/bushes to plant. Bring some food & drink if you intend to stay into the afternoon.

Andy Kiz said...

Good work as always! Is there a calendar of work party dates? I always seem to be booked up by the time the date is announced, would like to get to one of these but I do quite a bit of volunteer work for rspb.

Bruce said...

Hi Andy
We don't plan too far ahead as yet, the next work party is this Saturday the 10th.
Also don't forget the AGM if you can attend.