Monday, 26 March 2012

Basking in the sunshine!

I decided on a new route today after DJ Sutcliffes instructions about viewing birds on the ski lake. A very warm sunny day, about 21c.
2 Tufted Ducks at end of the lake nearest avocet, by the first small island, along with 3 mallard and 2 canadian geese. The fields across the other side of the river held 35 further canadian geese.

As I walked along the canal the familiar sound of chiffchaff calling returned. Heard my first of the year on saturday, I heard but didnt manage to spot another 3 inside the reserve. Plenty of dunnock (2) & robin (3) about singing too. A grey heron flew over heading towards Halifax.

I went into the reserve crossing between the 2 pools and heard the unmistakable cackling of a Jay, catching a fleeting view as I emerged on the riverside. Green Woodpecker heard calling on the same part of the reserve. There were a number of Wrens about in the trees that flank the main lake, heard at least 4 managing lovely views of 1. 3 x goosander still on the river, hope the 4th is still about somewhere. I had a look over the main lake and it looks like a coot has taken up residence in the reeds, hopefully more and more will come!

As I retired I spotted something bright on the ski lake, 2 x great crested grebe which were looking very active, I suspect they were building up to a courtship dance but didnt have time to stay. One last bird as I got into the car a very inquisitive blue tit came for a good look in my window!

2 x Tufted duck
8 x Mallard
39 x Canadian Geese
4 x Chiffchaff (heard)
2 x Dunnock
3 x Robin
3 x Great tit
Grey Heron
Green Woodpecker (Heard)
4 x Wren
2 x Coot
3 x Goosander
Blue Tit
2 x Great Crested Grebe


Bruce said...

Good report Andy. Apparently there was a Gadwall on the lake as well earlier.

Andy Kiz said...

Yes got the text didn't see any though. Thought I had seej goldeneye but realised it was tufties when checking pics, doh! Any ideas where is best for goldeneye?

Bruce said...

Hi Andy.
Ogden at the moment. A male has been coming very close to the duck feeding area.

Andy Kiz said...

Thanks Bruce might call up weds or fri after work, drop me a text if you want to join me!