Tuesday, 13 March 2012

At the Feeding Station

I have spent quite a few hours over the last few weeks at the feeding station enjoying the fantastic oppertunity to photograph the little squad of Redpolls there.
I thought I would post a few snaps as a taster of what has been around.

An everywhere bird - but the scarcest at the feeding station!
This one wants to be a Crossbill?

The local Comedians:

A few of the locals:

& my target Species:

One thing I have noticed on my pictures, the many subtle different markings on individual Redpolls.
Black spots on the beaks, varying black bibs, some have the black into the cheeks & varying chest specklings.

I've not had Siskin & Goldfinch at the feeders yet but they have been around the area, Jay, Sparrowhawk, & Great Spotted Woodpecker are feeding there when it's quiet.
Quiet meaning - not having a Dog running up, in my face & checking out the snacks in my bag! or nibbling on bits under the feeders.

Hope you enjoy the snaps - This is the first winter for the station, & look what's here already!

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