Refreshments in the Cabin


Refreshments in the Cabin at Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve are available every Sunday from 10:00am until 4:30pm.

Hot and cold drinks, Cake, Biscuits, Crisps, Ice cream and Lollies. Either inside or sit outside and watch the birds.

Lots of literature to look at and leaflets to take away.

Or just pop in and have a chat to our friendly volunteers. We have toilets on site.

STOP PRESS.   Hot soup also available in cold weather. WINTER CLOSING FROM OCTOBER 28TH IS 4:00 PM

All Very Welcome.

Those who missed the open day really missed out. We had hundreds of people enjoy all the events. The Cabin was standing room only. Try and come along next year, all welcome.



Katie M said...

Please could you tell me where the cabin is,I've been on a number of occasions and didn't know it existed

Bruce said...

Hi Katie

Sorry you could not find the Cabin.

It is close to the car park - the one near the bridge that is in the process of
being rebuilt, past the pallets. The access is over the footbridge, currently
open only at weekends though due to bridge works.
If you walk over the footbridge and straight forward for 50 yds then the cabin
is in front of you.
Any further problems then please contact me via our contact form.

Unknown said...

Absolutly disgusted in the way me and my children was treated yesterday 25th feb 19 i regulary visit the cabin put a fair dontation in the box. My children are well mannered also. The 3 ladies who was working at the cabin that day was very rude with one of the ladies saying my children should be happy to get a smack on the hand as we inocently ask for ice cream which we have got on many occasions. Am so upset with all of the ladies plain rudeness am thinking of taking it further.