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Friday, 20 March 2015

Eclipse 09:25 to 09:40

The Sun and Moon as seen from Cromwell Bottom Reserve.

Before and after maximum. Luckily there was a strong cloud haze so pictures were easy.
The maximum unfortunately, was hidden behind cloud.

Also nearby, this colourful bracket fungus. A few Chiffchaffs around now. Little grebes noisy on the lagoon.


Ric Jackson said...

Fabulous to have this recorded!

Dave Brotherton Photography said...

Great Shots Bruce

Steve Blacksmith said...

Well done Bruce. My pics and the effect on wildlife are over on calderdale-wildlife.blogspot

birdbox said...

Liked your photos, and i wonder was there any noticeable effect on bird behaviour during the eclipse?

Bruce said...

Hi Birdbox

There was a small drop in birdsong. The light level was like early twilight. The temperature dropped noticeably though.

Peachysteve said...

The bracket is Blushing Bracket, very common on Salix.

Bruce said...

Thanks for the I.D. Peachy