Friday, 20 March 2015

Photos and Nature Reserve Recommendations

Enjoy this series of images taken at the Feeding Area during this past autumn and winter. 

I didn't get down to the reserve as much as I'd planned, so no 'exotics' in this series. Hopefully, next year will be better. 



Great Tit

Coal Tit


Blue Tit


Great Tit


On a second note, and following on from Bruce's recommendation of Denso Martin Reserve, here are another three suggestions. All a little further afield, but with a holiday coming up...

Low Barns Visitor Centre, near Bishop Auckland, run by Durham Wildlife Trust. A photography group is based there and has a very good feeding area set up for photographers. 

Far Ings NNR, on the south bank of the Humber, run by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. An option to Blacktoft in this area and close to Worlaby which is good for owl sightings at certain times of the year. 

Last, Attenborough Nature Centre, run by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. I discovered this via images on Flickr and have added it to my list of places to visit, so can't personally recommend it but the website promises a good time!

Ric J


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

All your birds are very obliging little posers!

Unknown said...

Thanks! Yes, they are. And all the work done on the Feeding Area last year has helped improve images, too.

Unknown said...

PS All the reserves I mentioned have good websites detailing what is on offer and directions etc.