Monday, 23 March 2015

Weekend At Cromwell

Saturday was very quiet really - Didn't get too many people around until late afternoon, even managed 1hour at the feeding station without seeing another human being go past.
All the usual suspects were about Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Tits, Reed Bunting, Wren, Robin, Magpie, Crow, Jay, Dunnock, Blackbird, Dipper & Grey Wagtail on the river near the weir, Canada Geese assaulting people on the canal for food. A few Chiffchaff calls were heard, with one zipping around the feeding station for flies on Sunday, I believe 37 Whoopers flew over in the morning too, if I've got Mikes count correct & Buzzards were circling & calling over the farmland. I had a surprise late on Saturday with a Stock Dove coming down to route around for some free seed, there were 2 in the trees at the back near river, so we may have a pair looking for a breeding site.

A few snaps from the weekend.

Normally I don't give these a second thought but this Dunnock seemed insistent that I take some snaps of it.
I grabbed a shot of another I don't bother with too much.
Robin Singing at me again!
Reed Buntings were pretty regular.

I had a good day for capturing the Coal tits, this time I was quicker than they were!
 This one below seems to have been raiding bud heads, with a face full of pollen type bits.

Last but not least - The wonderful Dumplings, Bullfinches everywhere!




Allan said...

Great photos as usual Barry. Glad you put the Dunnock in. I think that little brown jobs can be beautiful in the right light. We need to celebrate the common because one day it may become rare.

Steve Midgley said...

Nice set