Orchid Observers and Wildlife Walks

Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group

Members may be interested in the following two projects:

1. Orchid Observers
This is a ‘citizen science’ project being run by the Natural History Museum. It has been designed to investigate how the flowering period of wild orchids in the UK is being affected by climate change. Individuals are asked to send in one or more photographs of wild orchid flowers, together with such details as the date, and the location of the plant. More information about this research programme can be found at:

2. Wild Walks

This is a new website which helps people to record their local wildlife. It has been developed by the Wildlife Trusts (including the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust), in partnership with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). It involves individuals taking one or more walks around their local landscape, noting the habitats and the plant and animal species that they see, and sending in their results. More information about this initiative can be found at:

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