Thursday, 16 January 2014

From the undergrowth

Hi all just a few from the last few days , all the normal stuff around as well as a vole living in the wood pile  under the large seed feeder my thanks to Chris Burns for spotting it .




Blue Tit

Great Tit



Ditto gwh


Bruce said...

Hi Graham

It looks like a bank vole to me. Nice one!

Bruce said...

Second thoughts. Short tailed field mouse???

Bruce said...

Getting very confused now! I don't think we get Short toed field mouse!

gwh said...

Thanks Bruce not sure myself 1st thought was vole but then Chris thought it might be a mouse . yours Graham

Andy Kiz said...

Definitely a bank vole for me.

Rich dark brown fur - check
Tail 50% length of body - check
Body fur reddish on back, creamy grey underneath - check

do a google image search for bank vole & you'll find almost identical images to the above.

Allan said...

Great to see it out in the open like that. Well done Graham. Great to see the Jay on the log I brought up. Lots of variety in the Viewing Area. It really has come on over the 2 years its been there.

B.Nield said...

If you build it - THEY WILL COME!
Now I can see the Stubby nose - I'd say Vole too, Bank Vole being my best guess.