Monday 13 January 2014

Cromwell Bottom Work Party January 11th

Another fine day for our work parties at Cromwell Bottom. Over a dozen of us met and split into 3 groups. We repaired and added to the screen at the Feeding Station, Cleaned and repaired Tag Cut path and checked and cleaned the nest boxes. Charlie collected most of the old nests. See previous post.

Only managed a few pictures of fungi, a nest and egg

This looks like an unhatched Blue Tit egg

This well made nest from one of our boxes contained feathers from a Sparrowhawk. The nesting bird, probably a Great Tit, has found some feathers in the surrounding area and lined her nest. 

Jelly Ear fungus - Auricularia auricula-judae

The same, showing how translucent these can be

Many thanks to Peachy Steve and Alison this is now identified as Plicatura crispa

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NTBR said...

Good work one and all.