Monday, 20 January 2014

From the undergrowth

Hi all a few from today the day was cold but lovely light .And the pair of Bank vole's were out again and a pair of Dipper on the weir + the usual suspects.

Jay with its 12th peanut in its mouth


Mr Vole ?

Mrs Vole ?

Sun coming through the tree's with the mist rising on the frozen lagoon

Frozen reeds

sunlight through the trees

A pair of Dipper on the wier record shot as too far away for my lens

Mallard in the sun gwh


Bruce said...

Good atmospheric pictures Graham.
Do we have a pair of Bank Voles then?

gwh said...

Been down today and there is definatly 2 and poss 3. your gwh

Bruce said...

Nice one Graham. I hear the patter of future tiny feet.