Monday 13 January 2014


Just a quick thank you to Bruce, Allan, David and everyone else who helped me collect old birds’ nests last Friday. They’re for my moth rearing project and hopefully will contain the larvae of several species whose larvae feed on nest detritus such as wool, hair, feathers etc. A few larvae have already been seen wandering around their new enclosure (plastic buckets) no doubt disturbed from their homes by being pulled apart and generally manhandled.

I expect the ubiquitous Skin moth to emerge around April time but there are several uncommon to rare species which may put in an appearance such as the Clothes Moths, Tinea trinotella, the Monopis group and the now rare Tapestry Moth.

The buckets are covered with bin liners to keep the nests shaded and holes are made to prevent mould from forming. They're spending the winter in my garage and  I’ll report back in the spring if there’s any emergences.


Bruce said...

Thanks Charlie, I look forward to the results in spring.

AndyC said...

I feel itchy already....: ))

charlie streets said...

Yep, I didn't make the same mistake as last time when I sorted them out indoors :-(