Sunday, 21 October 2012

Saturdays Work Party

Allan, Mike, David, Geoff, Steve and myself had a wander around the site checking on the lagoon and the reed situation. Debris from the "gap" was cleared to assist water flow, and measurements were taken for the bridge which will be constructed and transported from the green shed to be finally assembled on site. Also steps will need constructing on the south east bund adjacent to the river.

The Sphagnum bog area after we had cleared lots of birch back on January 14th 2012.

This is an image of the same sphagnum bog area as at October 20th 2012 only 9 months later from the same spot - you can match the three birch trees in the background - showing the rapid regrowth of the willow.

The tranquil lagoon in the warm autumn sunshine looking north west.

An organised walking group drop in to the feeder area.

The children in the group are fascinated by
the close views of the birds.


Andy Kiz said...

amazing how quick the willow has regrown! Not been to CB for some months now, looking forward to seeing all your hard work!

NTBR said...

Well done again to all who took part in the work on Saturday.