Saturday, 20 October 2012

Kingfisher at the Feeding Station!

Yes you heard right!
We had a Kingfisher at the feeding station today.

I was sat quietly on my own - one of those hours when hardly any people go past. From the Bridge belting in, screaming away, a smallish bird shot to the very low branches of the trees in front of the screen. It turned around & stared back towards the bridge for about 30 seconds & then calmed down & looked into the large puddle behind the feeders, then flew 10 foot or so up to the rear of the trees whereby I lost sight of it & it sneaked away.
I suspect it came in dodging a predator along the river - possibly one of our Sparrowhawks, who fancied their chances & were zipping about around the area all day.

Just for all those who I had trouble convincing there was one there (lol)

Only a record (PROOF) shot as I knew this would take some believing otherwise - but the birds I.D. is unmistakable. Just up to the right of the picture is the "fine" cullender & a little more left & up is the other "thick" cullender - in between, this cracking skulking bird.
OH - By the way it has a completely dark bill but there is white at the front & sides, so I am calling this as an adult Male!

You just never know what may turn up?

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