Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Few from Sunday

Firstly - A big thanks to the 2 nice ladies who donated a pile of Peanuts & Green Sunflower seeds!
It was clear that a few Green Sunflower seeds scattered around was most popular with our birds.
All the usual suspects around the station + we had a Red Kite over again but was just out of sight, no mistaking it's call, & only one little fly through from our local Sprawk. I think the Redpolls & Siskins are still finding natural food in the tree tops, with only a few of each at the feeders.

A few of the Regulars on Sunday:


Bruce said...

As usual Barry - nice pictures. Well done the record of another kite. It's interesting re the seeds, I have not seen any of those anywhere.

B.Nield said...

I bring Black Sunflower seeds - Bullfinch & Coal Tit like them - If we had Willow Tit that would go for "Black" too.
But whenever "Green" are put out loosely, they GO MAD! for them, we had 20 or more Tits up & down constantly & eventually 3 male Bullfinch after them.
But they do seem to be difficult to find.