Sunday 30 September 2012

Saturdays Work Party 29th September 2012

Once again we were lucky with the weather.

Allan, Barry and myself managed to fit the gate after much debate about which way round to put it. Robin came along to inspect it and remove some tree stumps from the back of the site.

The last bench was erected and holes cut in the second screen. The horizontal feeder was also fitted, this has holes packed with fat balls and peanuts. The first on that was a swallow. On the other feeders were up to 30 siskin, LTT's, blue, great and coal tits, chaffinch, robin, dunnock and the rest. A female Sparrowhawk came through and briefly flushed everything off.

We had lots of families through to view the birds as well, some, no doubt seeing some species for the first time.

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Steve Blacksmith said...

Looks like a good set-up. Well done. Will get down to see it soon.

Did the river come over the slipway into Brookfoot Loop the other day, does anybody know?