Sunday, 30 September 2012

What could be better than on a wet Sunday afternoon than to spend an hour or two down on the reserve at Cromwell Bottoms. As usual there was lots of activity at the bird viewing area.

Lots of Siskins, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Long Tailed Tits, seven Chaffinchs, Dunnock,  Coal Tits, and Gold Finches. A male Great Spotted Woodpecker spent some time in the tree where the feeders were, wondering if it was safe to come down but then thought better of it but provided some great views. Though the best view had to be off thge Coal Tit which came through the opening of the screen and was looking for food on the floor near my feet. 

Sometimes the best comes last, even for bird watchers. Having gone for a walk around the top meadow as I was making my way dow the track and watching the activity on the feeders from near the stone I was rewarded with a good view of a Green Woodpecker in the grass at the back of the feeders.

Even on a damp afternoon we had another two new visitors to the screen, (human kind) They were delighted by what they saw.

It was about this time last year that I set up the first feeders, not long after we were getting the Redpolls, so hopefully they will be here in the next few weeks.

It has been great to see how the feeding station since then has been developed. How, therefore can we help those birds that have an insect diet? I was wondering if it might be worthwhile putting a small table near the undergrowth abouth 18inches from the ground to the right of  the feeders. There is an overhanging tree with branches and brambles at its base. We could put a table here, at almost ground level, on which we could put meal worm to try and attract Wrens and Gold Crests. Let me and others know what you think. 

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