Saturday, 29 September 2012

Scum Bag! At the Feeding Station!

Helped out a bit with the "Huge" work Party, finishing off the screen & Feeding area, after we had finished - A Scum Bag turned up when it was quiet!

Here it is:

What did you think I meant?
We are getting a bit fully loaded with Siskin's now - I think they are up towards 30 now, which is good, as they will be able to hold their own when the Redpolls arrive.
A few of them from today:

Already using the Cross Beam we put up today:

& this one wanted to know "if it's Ass looked fat in these colours"

These are around in big numbers too:
Any food contributions you have will be well appreciated by all the above over the coming months!
The Siskins asked nicely for lots more Niger & Peanuts Please!
Tubs are around the Seating area, behind the Gate & next to the left seat for any generous contributions & a big thanks to those who already Have!
I gave all the slots a good workout!, checked all the angles! High & low ones & it's going to be a cracking winter for us Photography persons!
I think the area's pretty much completed now & if you've not been down recently - It's time to try it out, you won't be dissapointed.

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gwh said...

Thanks Barry nice to see a plan come together and i agree if and when the Redpols come back it will be a cracking winter. Graham