Thursday 26 July 2018

Spotted this solitary wasp at the Tag Loop pond today.

I think it is a Sand Tailed Digger Wasp - Cerceris arenaria   Can any experts out there comment as it could be added to our species list.

Alan Pullan


Bruce said...

High Alan

I certainly looks like it. The most northerly record I have is Clumber Park. So this looks like it may be a first for Yorkshire?

Vic K said...


I'm not an expert but it does not seem to exactly match up to what is shown in my guidebooks. There are a number of similar species that can only be separated by looking at the facial details. I would recommend posting all your photos onto iRecord with your ID and you should get confirmation or otherwise from an expert. I'm sure that the people who study wasps would appreciate your sighting.

Anonymous said...

The experts at iRecord have identified this species as diptera (flies) it is a very good mimic fly of the genus conopidae. Further investigation show it to be Conops flavipes this may well be a new record for Cromwell.

Vic K said...


With the benefit of hindsight and the ID you got from iRecord, I think one of the big differences between the wasps and the true flies is in the eyes. The flies tend to have very large eyes which you can make out in your photo. Another lesson learnt for us all!