Monday, 23 July 2018

Last Saturday's moths

Another cracking night with plenty of new species added to the 2018 list including some scarcities:

Brown-line Bright-eye
Southern Wainscot
Angle-striped Sallow
Small Rivulet + some I can't recall?
Also a few good micros and good numbers of Scalloped Hook-tips and Canary-shouldered Thorns

Scalloped Hook-tip - looks amazingly like a dead birch leaf at a glance. One of five.

Southern Wainscot - a reedbed specialist. This is a pretty fresh looking specimen still with a delicate pink flush. Fourth wainscot species of the year with surely more to come.

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing -(almost fell asleep typing that one) one of four species of yellow underwings on the night. The photo below shows the fantastically green head, thorax and underparts.

Pebble Hook-tip is a regular visitor at the moment.

Lesser Swallow Prominent is one of those species that you never tire of seeing. Nice to get a shot of it in it's natural resting position.

Meal Moth which as it's name suggests is a pest of stored cereals especially in warehouses. Someone will have to check in the cabin's bran flake boxes :-)

And finally one of my specialities, a micro - Cochylis atricapitana. One of six new species for me on the night.

The 2018 list now stands on at least 212 species. Where will it all end?


Bruce said...

Hi again Charlie

What a good count, between you, you have made an incredible list for the site. Standing now at 212 you have certainly reached boiling point!

charlie streets said...

Just need a Caddisfly expert now to wade through the hundreds we get each night :-)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant photos Charlie the detail is fantastic. It's great to have some experts to identify all the moths as many are very hard to sort out.

charlie streets said...

Thanks Alan!

We seem to be doing quite well on the identification side of things, pretty much the only ones that go un-named are the worn ones or those that need their "bits" checking under the microscope.