Thursday, 28 July 2016

Moth Night!

On a very warm & humid Saturday 23rd July, in the evening there were about 20 or so visitors for the Moths event. Unfortunately most left before the Moths started coming to the trap.
Important! ...... If you know I have Identified any of these incorrectly please let me know!
We will need the ID's for records.

Brimstone: Opisthograptis luteolataThe only one of 3 that didn't fly away instantaneously after opening tub.

Buff Arches: Habrosyne pyritoides

May Highflyer: Hydriomena impluviata

Common Wainscot: Mythimna pallens

Common footman: Eilema lurideolaApologies for Blurry picture - It was just leaving as I snapped.
Early Thorn: Selenia dentaria 

July highflyer: Hydriomena furcate
2 different individuals.

Purple Clay: Diarsia brunnea

The Clay: Mythimna ferrago

Large Yellow Underwing: Noctua pronuba

Another zipping off, most of these were instantaneous flyers on sniff of freedom.

Lesser Yellow Underwing: Noctua comesStruggled a bit with this - Very tatty example, best guess!

Mother Of Pearl: Pleuroptya ruralis

Pebble Hook Tip: Drepana falcataria
Caught like this, a Bit Tatty.

Shaded Broad Bar: Scotopteryx chenopodiata

Shoulder Striped Wainscot: Leucania commaMight be wrong with this one - another leaving the scene, had to grab fast, bit blurry I'm afraid.

Small Magpie: Anania hortulata

Swallow Tailed: Ourapteryx sambucaria
Another quick leaving Moth - Managed to grab a shot before it left!

Eudonia lacustrata

Finally 2 that I couldn't identify - Assistance required Please.

Not forgetting the Night time flying Orange Ladybirds:

Cream Spot Ladybird: Calvia 14-guttata
Lots of these were out that night!

We also had a Clouded Border but there are no pictures to put up.


Anonymous said...

The ladybird is Calvia 14-guttata, also collected on the night was Clouded Border Lomaspilis marginata. Your identifications look good but cannot identify the two mystery moths.

charlie streets said...

Your "Green Carpets" are July Highfliers.

It's way to late for Hebrew Characters, they're a spring species. Maybe try Purple Clay instead.

The micro is Eudonia lacustrata.

I would advise against submitting records of rare local species without being confident of identification such as Dingy Footman.


B.Nield said...

Thanks Allan, there was no Clouded border tubbed for Id.
Thanks Charlie, I agree with your observations & have altered accordingly.
I have no intention of Submitting Records to anybody! It is for our own CBWG records.
I don't claim to be a Moth expert, just enjoying collecting, photographing & making a list of what we see. Well trying to .... haha!
All assistance much appreciated! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The Clouded Border is a definite record as I have a poor quality photo it must have escaped when people were viewing the moths, I think they had quite a few 'escapes'. I agree about the Dingy Footman as my initial identification was Common Footman.

Alan Pullan

B.Nield said...

Clouded Border is now on list for the night Alan, What would be really useful is a confident Id on the Footman moth. I looked at the 2 side by side on google & looking at the leg colours, tidiness of wing edges etc based my ID from that. It's getting discussed here but we could do with a positive ID of which Footman it is? I would like to put correct name to the picture, or I'll have to back off to simply "Footman Moth" that much we all agree with lol.
Are we saying it is definitely a Common Footman?

Anonymous said...

Yes I am confident on two features that it is Common Footman. First the hind wings of the Dingy Footman are almost as dark as the front wings whilst the Common Footman has much lighter hind wings as did our moth. Secondly the Dingy Footman is reputed to curl its wing round its body which our moth did not do. ( check out for this reference).
Hope this resolves the matter for you.

B.Nield said...

Cheers Alan, Updated accordingly, I think we may have them all correct now, well except the 2 unknown battered & tatty ones.
I think we should do more moth catching, & get a better selection of what's about on CB! Oh & build my experience in ID up some! lol

Anonymous said...

If we do more moth trapping I would be pleased to help. The weather needs to be just right and this will almost certainly mean last minute decisions.

AndyC said...

Large Wainscot is The Clay
Common Carpet ..looks like May Highflyer


AndyC said...

Did you get any other pictures of the Footman.|???

B.Nield said...

Hello Andy, thanks for that & No we didn't - it did one the second it smelt fresh air. It has been decided it was a Common Footman now.
We are looking to be doing a moth night once a month through the flight periods next year, & might do another on the Bat night - Watch this Blog!
One night out of 365 is not a very good idea for selection of Moths at CB. I think somebody may get in touch with yourself & Charlie about us starting a better capture / recording routine at CB next year. We have found a much more productive spot for the trap now.
I am first to admit - We need all the help we can get with their ID at the moment.

AndyC said...

No problem,,,keep me posted...

AndyC said...

Footman are tricky and can be easily misidentified...looks interesting and Dingy footman have started to be recorded in Calderdale over the last 3 years...Keep an eye out next year..