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Thursday, 17 March 2016


A big thank you to Calderdale Small Grants for funding our banners and our business cards - along with a whole lot of other things to help everyone enjoy visiting Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve.

I had to check one out for size on our garden shed..... Do you think its big enough? [the banner, not the shed!]


Bruce said...

Thanks Birdbox. These look good and perfect size. The cards around hopefully will be collected by the passing visitors and join us. Thursdays are the days to call in. You will be welcome and also enjoy a cuppa with some of the members.

Allan said...

Great work. I think you might need a bigger shed lol.

birdbox said...

Oh no! Don't encourage Ron - his shed empire is big enough!

Steve Midgley said...

Haha I thought it was on a nesting box.....oooops