Sunday 20 March 2016

Photographs of some of the birds at our two feeding stations

                                       Blue tits: Doing what they do well. Even with one leg.

                                                  Long Tailed Tits. Great small birds.

 I do like Dunnock's. I know they are just a small brown job but good light brings out great detail in the subtle colour of their feathers.
                       Chaffinches are looking quite colourful at the moment, even the females

 Jays are not coming down as regular as they were. Look out for one with a possible broken leg.

                                                          Everyone loves Goldfinches.

 These Nutatches have been the stars of the show since September. Let's hope they have a good breeding season.

                                               Robins are always photogenic.
 It's only a Black bird but I still love to see the male Blackbird. That yellow eye-ring is special.
                   Bullfinches. Declining in some areas but still going strong on the reserve.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Beautiful shots! That little blue tit is strong to hang on with one leg

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Definitely beautiful shots who took them?
Are there any women photographers who would like to meet up sometime soon? Hope so - please contact Val

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, just spotted the name of the photographer! Allan you are amazing.

Steve Midgley said...

Great stuff as usual Alan

Dave Brotherton said...

Beautiful shots Allan

Allan said...

Cromwell Bottom is just an amazing place to be involved with and visit. It's special for all the people i know and meet down there as well as the birds I see. A big thanks to you all. The new feeding station is great for afternoon light,a good cuppa and a chat with friends.