Monday, 19 October 2015

Todays Visit

            Visited with the wife today with no great expectations but
            was pleasantly surprised with 3 Kingfisher, 1 Sparrowhawk,
            and a Dipper showing and a certain GH ignoring our wave as
            he passed us in the car park lol.

             3 Kingfisher
             3 Nuthatch
             2 GSW one not seen but heard drumming
             1 Dipper
             2 Cormorant flyover
             8 Long Tailed Tit
             1 Sparrowhawk flythrough at the viewing area
             3 Robin
             4 Dunnock
             Lots of Great, Coal and Blue Tit
             6 Chaffinch
             2 Redpoll.
             and 2 cyclists that actually adhered to the notices which was
             a nice change.



Allan said...

Great that you got the Redpoll Dave. Lets hope its not to long before they come down to the feeding station

Dave Brotherton said...

2 of them there Allan another couple seen them as well but couldn't get a shot of them which is a shame

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Lovely shot of a dipper there!

gwh said...

My apologies to you and Lisa must of been miles away ,good to know the redpoll are back

Dave Brotherton said...

Dreaming of what to do with your lottery money when you win it Graham haha I've been there.
Yeah nice that the Redpoll are back hope they avoid the Sparrowhawk.

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Like the Dipper shot Dave.

madin said...

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