Monday, 26 October 2015


We don't have anything special planned for this half term as far as I know, but here are a few ideas for any families visiting the reserve.....

There's a lot more to Cromwell Bottom than meets the eye!

  • Try some old fashioned fun - swooshing through the fallen leaves, wellies highly recommended! Take a few leaves home and make some artwork.
  • Enjoy the beautiful autumn colours around the reserve - and don't forget to look across the canal to the woodland rising up to Southowram - a real treat for the eyes especially if you get a sunny day.
  • Have a look at progress around our newly re-excavated pond - it will be a real treat if your family likes mud...... It looks quite a mess probably at the moment, but we're getting it into shape for a great year of activities from Spring onwards. If you bring your dog please keep it out of the water so that insect eggs and hibernating creatures are not disturbed - they need all the help they can get in the current upheaval!
  • Spot the birdboxes - they are empty now, but easy to see, so when you come back in Spring and they are hidden by leaves you'll still know where to look, won't you?
  • Find some fungi - Autumn is a good time to see lots of different ones - some on the ground, some on trees. How many can you spot? Use a camera and identify them when you get home, and remember, don't touch! 
  • Bring a picnic and a flask - we can't offer refreshments yet, but we're working on it.
  • send us some pictures and stories of what you've seen and done - follow the "Welcome" link at the top of the page.
And finally, I haven't mentioned the birds yet..... They'll all be using the feeding areas as winter moves in, so wrap up warm, settle in for a while and enjoy your visit. Any of our volunteers will try to answer your questions about Cromwell Bottom - just turn up and ask!

Happy half term!


Allan said...

Thanks for the great encouragement. Pixi Wood is great for Fungi at the moment.

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