Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Some recent sightings on the reserve

                                      A few of these Burnet Moths are around at the moment
                  Poss Moorhen chick. There were four of these little fluffy things around
                                                         Reed Bunting looking for insects
                              Juvenile Moorhen and Little Grebe. They seem to have done Ok this year.

 Bumble Bee. Poss white tailed. I think they have had a difficult time so far this year
                                         Hoverflies. I love the detail when you see them close up

                                                         Burnet moths. I love the vivid colours

                                                                 Ringlet Butterfly

 Small Skipper Butterflies. I love the detail you can get on seeing butterflies close up

                                      Speckled Wood. A lover of sun and shade
          Heron on the prowl looking for a meal. Hope it wasn't one of our fluffy little chicks!
                                  One of our friendly Robins skulking around the reeds for food.

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