Sunday, 5 July 2015

Saturday June 20th & July 4th 2015

A rather late posting. The bee hunt proved very popular, 21 of us attended a very pleasant walk around the reserve. Peachysteve led us over the Yellow Brick Road and pointed out various species of bee and flower. I unfortunately did not stop long. There was a Solstice walk in the evening.
  I went on site yesterday (4th of July) and saw many butterfly. By far the most abundant were the Ringlet, there were hundreds very active along the path sides. Common Spotted Orchid, and Yellow Rattle are very common in several areas.

Peachysteve points out the Grass Vetchling

Grass Vetchling

July 4th at Cromwell

Speckled Wood

Spotted Orchid

Yellow Rattle

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Lovely pictures, I spotted my first ringlets a couple of days ago, then gatekeepers the day after