Monday, 3 February 2014

Recent feeder sightings

Same as Allan I was around the feeding station with him. What was nice - Was the feel of last winter with the 7-8 Siskins & Redpoll squabbling for the Nyger feeder, giving the first chance this year for half decent shots on the branches.

Head shot of Male Siskin
 Another after some grub
 Winking at us!

Quite a few Robins around now
Lots of L.T.Tits are visiting all day
Oh .... the Redpolls as mentioned

 Head shot of a sloppy chops! Redpoll
G.S.Woodpeckers are becoming more active

If your lucky the Jays come down to their feeders - couple from a week ago

Please stop by on your way round & check them out.

1 comment:

Allan said...

Great shots Barry. That 500m lense of yours does come in handy. I like the head shot of the Lesser Redpoll.