Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Hi all, we have been broken in to and nearly all the new tools have been stolen that we got with the Lloyds grant plus 4 tables that I only got last week, they have opened the fence ripped the side off the green shed by the door smashed off the chain bracket for the large doors opened the roller shutters and used our wheelbarrow to take the things away. It looks like they have used a grinder to cut our lock off the container, total cost will be around £750 to £800.   if any of you are at car boot sales look out for spades,  "Faithful"   mattocks (yellow handles ) post hole auger (blue ) post hole thumper (draper ), new saws and hammers, 26" tool box (ss) wooden brooms, 4 white folding Highline tables (only sold at Costco 6ft x 3ft), "Faithful" trenching spade, all will be new and probably all together, you can ring 101 and quote crime number 13140049658 also the garden cart has gone. Yours Graham
 I am gutted, I have put a lot of work into getting all that together and to see it all go is soul destroying and I am rapidly losing faith in human nature. yours Graham


B.Nield said...

The people who count are appreciative of all the work you do.
Don't let the scum get to you!
These are the sorts of people who go shoplifting in charity shops, or mugging 92 year olds.
Fancy stealing tools from a nature reserve where voluteers offer their time for free, so others can enjoy some countryside.

Dave Brotherton said...

So sorry to hear that Graham, gutted for ya

Unknown said...

I agree totally with B.N Graham. The people who do these sort of things are mindless cretins who never give a damn about anything but themselves. Its a pity we cant organise a cull . Lets hope that we can get some info on them
( no doubt they will be locals) and get them what they deserve.

charlie streets said...

It's bad enough when they steal from businesses but to do it from folk that are just trying to make the world a better place is despicable.
It's hard to know what to do differently in securing tackle at such a remote location - maybe taking everything away at the end of the day is the only solution?

gwh said...

Thanks for your comments guys . Graham

NTBR said...

Sorry to hear about this Graham.

Andy Kiz said...

Absolutely despicable, the things people will do to get a bit of money. Gutted for you, but dont let them destroy your faith graham. What you and the other volunteers have achieved (and will continue to achieve) is nothing short of remarkable and we are all very appreciative of the work that you do.

Steve Blacksmith said...

I'm very sorry to hear that, Graham, after all the hard work you put into getting the tools and equipment.

Don't let it get you down for too long.

Let us know what tools of our own we need to bring for the next work party, and we can discuss at the next indoor meeting how to get over this problem