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Thursday, 20 February 2014


Does this help


Colin D said...

Nice work David _looks like a short tail - a suppose we can aggree thaty he is called Basil :-) Happy snapping

B.Nield said...

Yes that one has short tail, but one I was seeing on Sunday had longer tail - Has anyone considered BOTH are living around the same spot? They are known to Cross-Breed, so we could have a Hybrid or just both species. Certainly would explain the different opinions about sightings of tail length? I only just realised this possibility myself. We will need to pay more attention to Tail lengths when they are running about. I won't be assuming it's ONE species next time lol

Bruce said...

Exactly my thought also when I saw David's pictures compared to the long tailed pictures. This would explain our varied opinions.

robert higson said...

Lovely capture David. There is two of these little critters I saw them today While David was getting these shots. I like the name. Great stuff.