Tuesday, 18 February 2014

At the weekend!

What a decent day on Sunday - It was like a work day with most helpers appearing for a walk round.

A few Siskins were about:

Reed Buntings were regular:

Lots of visits from Long Tailed Tits:

Got some good views of Coal Tits:
The star today was the Vole appearances:

 Does the brown marking help with I.D. of this little visitor?

It was in & out all day - many people enjoyed it, Quite a good kid quiet tool too lol.
When they were silent it came out.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Nice pictures Barry. I think the voles are Short Tailed Field Vole.
Attractive as any hamster! Dormice were once kept as pets. Unfortunately they seem to have gone from Calderdale, but may come back one day, especially if helped. They like coppiced woodland with hazel and honeysuckle.

Steve Blacksmith said...

p.s there are old records of dormice in the Hebden Bridge area.

B.Nield said...

Hi - If you look at the second to last picture that long lump sticking out to the left, or right of the vole is it's tail. I did a bit of checking & it does have brown fur, short ears sticking out & a LONG tail - this indicates Bank Vole. It would need a short stubby one for Field Vole. I have some blurry pics that show a long tail + when checking I.D. on the net, Bank Voles seem to have the Brown streaky bit when seen from above.
Who's got some nice side shots showing full tail length?
I am still having this as Bank Vole myself! Still not yet convinced it's a field.

Colin D said...

I think its a field vole hard to be certain without a lateral view showing tail to body length ration

This is the species with the shorter tail (1/3 head-body or less), not the bank vole (tail about 1/2 head-body).

The ears dont seem to stick outBut the lack of a red tinge to the fur and the fact that the fur is longer, making the ears less prominent, makes this look more like a field vole


To be certain longs lens at the ready and a good lateral view

Colin D said...

Should have said Field vole = short-Tailed Vole (Microtus agrestis)

Andy Kiz said...

Im with B.Neild I still think its a bank vole from the pictures. Would like to see it in the flesh though.

B.Nield said...

Get yourself down then Andy! It's always to the side of the feeding station. You might fit a visit in to the GND at Mirfield at the same time.

gwh said...

There is one of each. gwh