Wednesday, 19 December 2012

There at it again!

No one else has posted this yet - So I will:

Apparantly on Sunday evening or on Mon during the day some scummy persons had it away with all the tubs of Bird food we leave for puting out.
Now there were 4 large Round tubs & 1 large Square one & were not so easy to remove from site without being noticed.
As there are quite a few people read this blog - Did anybody see these tubs wandering off in somebodies hands, they dont fit under your coat so would be easily noticed.
If you saw anything we would appreciate the information, by word of mouth in person or any other method you would like to use & Annonymously If you wish.

Sorry We have to ask this sort of Question - But we are keen to try & find out who is vandalising & stealing from our well enjoyed site.

Many Thanks.

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