Monday 19 November 2012

Waxwings in Brighouse today

I also got them this morning it was cold, windy, dark and then it started raining but i manedged a few hope you like them . yours Graham


Andy Kiz said...

Magnificent photos Graham, gutted I didnt have my camera this morning! They had gone from the area by 12:30 went back to check.

B.Nield said...

Don't assume they have LEFT - They may just be having a wander round like yesterday!
Still pretty good snaps considering the weather conditions.
Whilst we are discussing Waxwings - Can we have a thread or post, maybe in members - where we can put up details of latest locations, found by our friends & colleagues?
Reasonably local locations of course - We don't need to know their in Fife? but Leeds, Hudds, Bradford, Halifax & Brighouse would be most useful!

Unknown said...

Brilliant photos, just seen some at about 14:45 hrs in sainsburys car park but they had gone by the time I got back down with my camera

Unknown said...
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gwh said...

Thanks for yourcomments everyone it was not the best of days