Monday, 19 November 2012

Waxwing in Sainsbury's car park sunday 1 of 10. also check out  Lowfields Business Park elland 8 there.


Andy Kiz said...

There were 11 at 9ish all in one tree!

B.Nield said...

There were none at 11.00 to 11.30am ish & 10 at 4.00pm.
Well done Chris for managing a decent shot - I have at least now SEEN a Waxwing!!!!! lol
Tesco's berry collection is the one to watch now!
Especially as they are now off my Bogey Bird list hehe.

Andy Kiz said...

Same for me, actually a lifer for me too! I sit overlooking tescos so im on waxwing watch but I dont see any berries! I saw them this morning at 9ish, went back at lunch but no sign of them