Wednesday, 31 October 2012


In response to Andy's post about the 'pale looking' redpoll here are some more images in their raw state, doesn't feel right for Mealy now I've looked at some information sources on Redpolls.

This one however caught my eye, the wing bar looks white even when I zoom in on it, but the rest of it looks too 'warm' for mealy. 


AndyC said...

Fantastic,just shows the difference,its a definate lesser,many thanks for more pics carnt wait till a few more turn up.the hide area looks fantastic now and should be great for a few intesting species over the winter months.Hope to see you down there some time.,

Andy Kiz said...

Yes its brilliant, an absolute credit to the volunteers who built it, I was sat mesmorised could have happily spent many hours there. Especially nice to have redpoll less than 10ft away, they were coming to the nearest niger feeder by the 'log feeder'. Fantastic for photos but even better for just veiwing and being able to appreciate their characteristics.