Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Help needed

Hi all,

I have a question which I hope you can help me with ...In a field near my house I have a spectacular ' Lek ' of Ghost moths in 2010 it was up to 450 males,unfortuatly this year was poor due to the weather 100+ only.Due to the expansion of local housing

.This field has been put forward as a potential sight for ' new build ' it is in green belt at the moment and all the relevant bodies have now to put forward what they think before it can go to consultation.To my knowledge it is the largest Ghost moth lek in Yorkshire and maybe the north of England.Do you have any suggestions how to put forward my case before its concrete.?? Steven Cummings made a short film in the fields about 3 years ago which can be viewed here


Andrew Cockroft


Colin D said...

1. Have you a link via the Planning Portal to the application Andy or Planning reference
2. Which Local Authority are we looking at ?
3. What stage of planning are we at Outline Full etc Have objections been formerly lodged as part of the planning process
4. SS106 Inducements may be claimed such that the developers may have to put something back into the site LA are good at grabbing this
5. What other Biodiversity is on Site ? of list and I will have a look

gwh said...

Try the butterfly and moth for yorkshire site they may well be able to help or natural england im sure tey could advise yours gwh

AndyC said...

Thanks guys will have a look into this Colin D what is your