Monday, 8 October 2012

On the feeders this afternoon

Siskin & Redpoll

One of the storm trooper Magpie's doing the Goose step

Male Redpoll

Goldfinch & Redpoll

Female Redpoll

Male Redpoll
Mike and myself had a great hour this afternoon watching the redpolls and siskins  hope you enjoy the pics.
Just click on the picture for a better view . yours Graham  


B.Nield said...

At last they are back, assuming weather is nice - that's my Saturday mapped out now, bottie glued to one of the seats.
Just to be a smartie pants! They need the extra L? So they can be Redpoll! lol

gwh said...

im dyslexic looks right to me. gwh

Bruce said...

Sorry Guys. I had updated the error in between your emails.

Andy Kiz said...

Good to see they are back, what date did they arrive last year?